Chilean artist, José Romussi, collaborates with BIMBA Y LOLA
on a special series of photographs from the Syrup bag collection.

BYL: How would you describe yourself?

JR: I have dedicated my work to experimenting with different materials and techniques - mainly embroidery on various surfaces - with the aim of projecting a generational and contemporary view of this historic ornamental craft.

My work seeks to use embroidery as an expressive technological tool and extricate it from the sternness in which it is traditionally enclosed.

BYL: Who are the three women who most inspire you?

JR: My mother, Gunta Stölzl and my daughter Julieta (she introduced me to the brand).

BYL: What do you like most about BIMBA Y LOLA?

JR: The risks that the brand takes and its interest for working and creating editorials directed by artists.



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