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<h2>Shoes and sneakers for women</h2> The FW24 collection of BIMBA Y LOLA sneakers includes a wide range of sneakers and sports shoes made with different materials, among which suede and leather predominate in different color combinations, prints, and designs. White or black sneakers, runner sneakers, or sneakers with different soles. Technical or platform, cupsole, two-tone sneakers with a serrated finish. A varied collection of sneakers available in a wide range of shades and with different details to choose from. The soles of the jogger and technical sneakers have a bespoke stabilizer that makes them comfortable for daily use, as well as a two-tone sole with a serrated finish. <h2>Cupsole sneakers</h2> BIMBA Y LOLA's FW24 features cupsole leather sneakers made of leather and split leather with an aged effect and a two-tone cupsole sole with a logo. The catalog includes white, black, silver, and gold cupsole sneakers, among other colors, as well as tiger or leopard prints. Among the sneakers in the collection are the jogger sneakers. These women's sneakers are available in different finishes and materials, such as furry split leather in pink or green. The technical fabric combined with split leather and different shades and prints of the Chimo joggers, or the frayed canvas of the canvas joggers, in gray or sand. BIMBA Y LOLA's technical sneakers are made of leather, split leather, and technical fabrics and are available in many colors ranging from white to dark silver, green, vanilla, beige, and black. This sneaker model features a scalloped upper, and the logo on the tongue and engraved in contrast on the back of the sneaker. The lifestyle sneakers combine technical fabrics with suede or leather in numerous shades, ranging from white or black sneakers to orange, beige, or khaki, among others. These sneakers have a customized two-tone sole with a serrated finish and a height of 4 centimeters.